Term of Service

FileBox.moe - Officials Rules - Last updated (July 01, 2018)

WARNINGS: We are NOT responsible for content that is uploaded by other people

Under no circumstances, we will host the following content on our servers:


  • Our servers are based in a Dutch Data-Centre. All the uploads are subjected to obey Dutch Laws. If any of the following content that violates dutch law is found on our servers, they will be removed without questions.
  • Uploads

  • Child Pornography
  • Child nudity (where no sexual activity is taking place in the content) is forbidden and falls in within the rules stated above.
  • Drugs and/or drug usage
  • Gore
  • Death
  • Discriminative (e.g: racism, disability etc)
  • Propaganda linked to threatening organisations (e.g terrorism)
  • Copies of legitimate personal identity documents, such as passports, driving licenses etc.
  • Pornographic/artistic nudity is accepted, as long as it doesn't contain any of the rules above. However, since anybody can view your image(s)/video(s) and if they obtain the links to them, we are not liable for any of your uploaded images/videos falling into the wrong hands.
  • Since pornography/artistic nudity is allowed, under no circumstances should you allow under the age of 18 or below to view them. If filebox.moe suspects that under-aged individuals are viewing adult-only images hosted on our servers, we will remove the image(s) without questions.
  • Do not abuse filebox.moe by performing a mass upload that wastes disk space and available randomly-generated filenames for other files. This is also considered spam, the uploads will be deleted and you may be banned altogether.
  • Copyrighted images/videos (content you do not have the ownership of) are not permitted on filebox.moe's servers. They will be deleted if suspected of copyright infringement or if a copyright claim is made.
  • Malware is strictly prohibited and will be deleted automaticly. Filenames will be added to the Transparency Report.
  • Every file that is deleted in cause of breaking our TOS will be added to the Tranparency Report.
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